The Teeth of Lumumba

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The Teeth of Lumumba
Lumumba, the god of the Albinos sat down on your corps as on a toilet " I wrote thirty years ago in a poem, and only now it slowly comes to light how Lumumba was destroyed. How the Belgian police inspector Gerard Soete worked the body with a saw and sulfuric acid. "Until nothing remains," he says. Nothing remains? He ripped out two golden teeth and kept them. "As a souvenir" he says. When he was eighty He swung them in the North Sea. Nothing remains? Soete, illiterate, butchery mercenary, think of the Argonauts who sailed in the Mediterranean looking for the Golden Fleece. They tore the teeth from the mouth of the Dragon and sowed them in the sand and from the teeth grew one hundred warriors with axes and spears and they lined up in rows. And this night they come screaming by your bed.

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